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Tags or Bookmarks

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Popular programmes to store and share your favourite bookmarks are del.icio.us Ma.gnolia or furl and hunderds of others. In the scientific community some similar initiatives have been launched.



Bibsonomy http://www.bibsonomy.org/

BibSonomy is a system for sharing bookmarks and lists of literature. You can add tags to your entries to retrieve it more easily. This is very similar to the bookmarks/favorites that you store within your browser. The advantage of BibSonomy is that you can access your data from whereever you are. Furthermore, you can discover more bookmarks and publications from your friends and other people.


CiteULike http://www.citeulike.org/

(exports to EndNote!)


Connotea http://connotea.org/

(Nature Publishing)

Read the review in JMLA


H2o http://h2obeta.law.harvard.edu/

Developed at Harvard


MTagger http://www.lib.umich.edu/mtagger/

Developed at Michigan University Library


Penntags http://tags.library.upenn.edu/

PennTags is a social bookmarking tool for locating, organizing, and sharing online resources. Members of the PennTags can collect and maintain URLs, links to journal articles, and records in Franklin, the online catalog and VCat, the online video catalog at Penn University. Once these resources are compiled, you can organize them by assigning tags (free-text keywords) and/or by grouping them into projects, according to your specific preferences. PennTags can also be used collaboratively, because it acts as a repository of the varied interests and academic pursuits of the Penn community, and can help you find topics and users related to your own favorite online resources.


Scholar.com http://scholar.com/

Originally a bookmarking site developed by Blackboard. It incorporates social networking functionality so that users can connect with each other and build relationships and networks within the site.


Unalog http://unalog.com/

Developed by Yale


Zotero http://www.zotero.org

Zotero is a very interesting crossbreed between a personal bookmarking site and a reference manager. As a bookmarking site it misses out on some of the sharing and "social" capabilities, as a reference manager it is currently less comprehenisve than e.g. EndNote. But it is free, and being developed quite rapidly. Really worth some serious attention. You need to run FireFox however.


Mendeley http://www.mendeley.com/

A new reference manager that allows you to share references and the papers accross the Web.



More information

Social bookmarking Faceoff Reloaded, Read Write Web http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/social_bookmarking_faceoff_reloaded.php





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