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Open Access Journals

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Open Access Journals

Wageningen UR library offers a comprehensive set of electronic journals. However, most of these journals are subscription based and cost a small fortune. The open access movement tries to free access to scholarly material, one example is creating new free accessible journals, some collections are listed here. The other solution is self archiving by authors in repositories, which will be covered in the next chapter.

A primer on OA is provided by Peter Suber, who reports daily on important OA news.



Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) http://www.doaj.org/

A collection of 9490 free full text, peer reviewed Open Access Journals. More than 4089 journals are currently searchable at the article level on the standard bibliographic metadata.


Open J-Gate http://www.openjgate.org/

A larger collection of open access journals. Covers 4300 journals of which the peer reviewed section can be searched separately. Searching takes places on the standard bibliographic metadata.


Livre! http://livre.cnen.gov.br/Default2I.asp

Livre! is the a journal portal developed by CNEN - Comissão Nacional de Energia Nuclear(Brazilian National Nuclear Energy Commission), through its CIN - Centro de Informações Nucleares (Nuclear Information Center), aiming to ease the identification and the access to free journals available on the Internet. The portal covers more than 4300 scientific journals, magazines, bulletins and newsletters but you can easily limit the selections to peer reviewed scientific journals.


Highwire Press http://highwire.stanford.edu/cgi/search

Highwire Press hosts a repository of high impact, peer-reviewed content, with 1008 journals and 3,904,956 full text articles from over 130 scholarly publishers. Since many important journals make their content availble free online HighWire containes 1,491,300 free articles. What is really important is that Highwire hosts some of the most important (cited) journals.


The Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek EZB

(Electronic Journals Library) http://rzblx1.uni-regensburg.de/ezeit/index.phtml?bibid=AAAAA&colors=7⟨=en

Covers some 4500 OA journals. The collection is therefore one of the most comprehensive free journal collections. Just select only the "green" journals and you can browse or search through this impressive collections.


Jan Szczepanski's lists of OA-journals http://www.scribd.com/Jan%20Szczepanski 

Jan Szczepanski, a librarian at Göteborg University, has collected links and information on Open Access journals for years. His lists contain over 4500 current OA-journals and 757 historic. You will find more information on this collection at the OA Librarian blog


Walt Crawford's overview of early E-zines http://citesandinsights.info/civ6i12.pdf

In Cites & Insight 6(12) Walt Crawford provides an overview of early OA Journals "They weren’t generally called Open Access journals in 1995: If that term existed before 2001 or 2002, it certainly wasn’t the standard name for free online scholarship. But there were examples of free online scholarship, some dating back to 1987."


Additional information

Archivalia http://archiv.twoday.net/stories/2963132/ (in German)



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