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Yovisto http://www.yovisto.com

a Web 2.0 platform to upload, share, search, tag, and discuss academic videos. In addition to the function of a video search engine, yovisto enables the search within lecture videos. Yovisto provides an automated mechanism to generate a full-text index of the videos. With yovisto it is possible to describe video content collaboratively, additionally users can place keywords or labels (tagging) at any position within a video (collaborative tagging) and they can start or carry on discussions belonging to any position within the video. Moreover, users can write or edit wiki-pages to enrich the video content with further information, such as images, hyperlinks, and text. The content based search functionality of yovisto is the most important additional benefit for the user and allows an efficient search through yovisto's repository.



SciVee http://scivee.com


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