Searching for Science!


In research and development, either at universities or other research institutes, a number of trends can be distinguished that have changed the information needs of researchers considerably over the past few years. Certainly not a complete list, but a few important trends are:


Trends in science and research


Trends in the information world


In this course we will chart some of the web resources outside the scope of the classical library resources as catalogues, bibliographies or portals. The library spends millions of Euros on these valuable quality resources each year, so use them wisely, frequently and appropriately.


However, with the expanding information needs of scientists, the library is no longer the single place to satisfy the quest for information. Web resources are becoming increasingly important. Adequate Web search skills help scientist to conquer this vast information space. Apart from good (re)search skills, some basic knowledge of scientific resources available on the Web is a prerequisite for a good information collection. So a number of Web resources should be discussed as well.   


In this course we cover the following issues (assuming some basic knowledge on internet or WWW


Internet Search Engines

What are the most important general all purpose Internet search engines, what are the latest trends.  How can we search  these search engines effectively.


Web Directories

What are the most important general directories and what are the latest trends.


Deep Web

What is the Deep, Hidden or Invisble Web and how does it affect my searches?  


We focus the remainder of this morning on a selection of the following topics.

Scientific Search engines

Scientific Directories

Book Search

Open Access Journals


Course materials




Research data

Scientific News

Other Sources


More information

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