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Digg for science

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Dissect Medicine http://www.dissectmedicine.com/

Dissect Medicine is a collaborative medical news website, which indexes and ranks international medical news. It spans general interest articles to basic research. Dissect Medicine users submit news items for review with tags and keywords. These are then ranked by the user group. This ensures that only the most relevant, and influential articles will make it as a current headline story. This website is yet another Nature initiative.



I see some comparison with Faculty of 1000 still it is different though.


Medi News http://www.medinews.co.uk/


Hugg http://www.hugg.com/

For environmental news, stories and science.


Bio Wizard



More info:

David Rothman http://davidrothman.net/2007/04/04/medinews-digg-for-medical-literature-part-iv/ http://davidrothman.net/2007/02/08/more-notes-on-biowizard-digg-for-medical-literature-part-35/ http://davidrothman.net/2006/08/22/dissect-medicine-digg-for-medical-literature-part-ii/



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