To search for information in blogs the best search enigines are currently Technorati, Ask and Google Blogsearch.

To read new entries from blogs at regular interval you can subscribe to most blogs using their rss feed. Among students at Wageningen UR blogging is not very popular, so it seems.



Perhaps the best known collection of science blogs (including most of top science blogs reported by Nature) which has grown to syndicate some 70 science blogs. 


The Academic blog portal

A wiki that lists various academic blogs.


Nature Blogs

A collection of blogs run by Nature. A really interesting post on one of the Nature blogs was their investigation of the scientific blogosphere 


Nature Network Blogs

A collection of some 80+ blogs run by scientists on the Nature Network.


Scientific Blogging

One blog platform hosting many bloggers on various scientific subjects that can be followed with a few feeds per subject.


Discover Blogs

Freshly starting collection of science blogs at Discover Magazine.  It hosts one of the most popular science blogs Bad astronomy.   


Research Blogging

A collection of blogposts discussing peer reviewed research



Check out; 



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