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Many bibliographic databases are freely available on the Web, these databases are in most instances more specialized, smaller and less comprehensive than licensed databases from the library. There are notable exceptions though! A tiny selection of bibliographic databases is listed here. Use the Deep Web techniques to search for specialized bibliographies in your own suject area.


PubMed http://pubmed.gov/

The best bibliographic database in the world. Covers medical and health information.


Science Conference proceedings http://www.osti.gov/scienceconferences/

The OSTI Science Conference Proceedings portal was devised to expedite access to conference papers and proceedings in various fields of science and technology. Emphasis is on U.S. conferences hosted and/or published by scientific and professional organizations whose areas of focus relate substantially to the Department of Energy's mission. This portal provides the capability to search for conference information on multiple web sites and databases with a single query utilizing a combination of surface web and deep web tools.


Eric http://www.eric.ed.gov/

A educational bibliography, ERIC is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (IES). Also covers a considerable amount of Library and Information Science.


LISTA http://www.libraryresearch.com/

A freely accessible bibliography in the field of Library and Information Science.

Not to be confused with LISA!



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